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Myths and facts about COVID 19 Vaccine

There have been many rumors prevailing ever since the usage of the COVID 19 vaccine. People are utterly confused about what is true and instead believe in myths. It is very essential to know about facts and true information before reaching any conclusion. The development of a vaccine in less than one year has resulted in various false assumptions. The myths can misguide us and refrain us from taking any action that is important for our well-being. The blog mentions some of the myths and facts about the Covid 19 vaccine. Let’s catch a glimpse

Myth 1: COVID 19 vaccine is not safe

Fact: COVID 19 is extremely safe and effective for use. Though the development was quite speedy, it was none of the steps that were skipped to meet quality standards. The vaccine does good enough in keeping one safe against COVID 19 infections. Furthermore, it also protects people nearby. It has 70% effectiveness and the chances of people getting sick after vaccination are fairly low.

Myth2: It is not advisable to get vaccinated before pregnancy

Fact: Women should take vaccination before being pregnant. To prevent the mother and baby from a serious infection, the ladies should go for vaccination before pregnancy. The countries like the US have the vaccination open for pregnant ladies. But it is not yet possible in India.
There are two reasons for not administrating COVID 19 vaccines on Pregnant women in India. The first and prime reason is that the vaccines administered in other countries are different. The second reason there is not enough data present in India. We are yet to carry tests to ensure the effectiveness and safety of pregnant women.

Myth3: lactating women should not get vaccinated

Fact: It is safe for lactating women to get Covid 19 vaccine. Since it is not a living virus, it would not affect the mother and baby. However, the question of transferring antibodies remains a question in some cases. As far as pregnant women are concerned, there is yet for the decision to be taken as it involves the fetus. The women can get a vaccination shot just after the delivery.
India needs to conduct more tests to ensure its safety and effectiveness in pregnant women.

Myth4: Getting Covid 19 vaccine means no more masks.

Fact: You cannot just go away with sanitizing/washing hands, maintaining distance, or wearing masks. Like other vaccines, the longevity of safety from the virus is yet to be figured out. Fully vaccinated people will still have to wear masks especially when they are using public transportation. However, meeting other full vaccination people without masks shouldn’t be a problem.

Myth5: Covid 19 affects fertility in men and women

Fact: No evidence can prove that the intake of vaccines could cause fertility issues in men or women. There is no ground for the myth. The vaccine does not interfere with a woman’s reproductive organs or have any interaction with an egg that’s been released or fertilized.


Finding 1:

There have been cases when people have contracted COVID 19 even after getting vaccines. Around 21,000 people have come into the grip of infection even after getting themselves vaccinated. When it comes to the effectiveness of Covidshield and covaxin they are still the cause of concern, They fall much behind then the vaccines like Sputnik and Pfizer.

India should work on getting the most promising vaccines rather than going for less effective vaccines.

Finding 2:

There have been cases where the doses of Covidshield and Covaxin were mixed mistakenly. A recent case has come to light where 20 villagers were given mixed doses of Covidshield and COVAXIN In Uttar Pradesh, India. The first dose that was administered was Covidshield and the second dose that was given was COVAXIN. Such cases should not occur, keeping in view the well-being of people.

Final words

There have been a lot of speculations about the success of Covidshield and Covaxin in India. Keeping in view the current situation, more clinical trials are vital. Especially the success of vaccines for pregnant women should be investigated. With the alarming cases in India, protecting pregnant women against infection is critical.
Furthermore, the Govt should take measures to supply more effective vaccines like Sputnik and Pfizer to ensure the effectiveness of prevention against deadly viruses. A fraction of people even after taking covidshield doses have come in contact with COVID 19. The longevity and effectiveness of Covidshield and COVAXIN have concerns to address.


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