The worsening state due to COVID 19


Coronavirus cases have been accelerating and India has topped the charts with nearly 2.19 Cr cases reported to date. COVID 19 originated in Wuhan, China, and soon took the world in its grip affecting 195 countries and Territories. The deadly virus is highly contagious and can lead to people being infected irrespective of race and religion. The second phase has been extremely harsh for some countries like India with nearly 2 Lac Cases being reported each day.

It’s been known that people have never been calm and have been fighting based on religion, borders but the COVID 19 infection has United us as one world. Nature is enjoying its peace as we are locked in our places. Children are at an extreme loss and missing out on their childhood enjoyment with schools being closed and have no place to go and play. Kids are missing their favorite outdoor activities. We have never imagined our childhood to be like, which our kids have to go through. No play is certainly making the kids worn-out and difficult to tackle. If the situation continues, it is certainly going to affect our children’s mental development.

Alarming State due to Novel Coronavirus

 But, this is what needs to be done right now to prevent ourselves and our generations from the life-threatening virus. The second wave has been more disheartening especially for countries like India. There is chaos all over with thousands losing their lives due to lack of infrastructure. The mental state has now been affecting people locked in their premises and has nothing left except watching dreadful news on TV channels. With the loss of jobs, adversity at high we need to be calm and think where we have been wrong.

With everything nearly at a halt, the situation is more complex than it appears. Humans have been gifted with capabilities that no other species have been. But in a race to achieve anything and everything, humans have misused their power and crossed all boundaries. As a result, we are liable to face the wrath of nature. Human beings are meant to be working to earn and survive. But the present scenario has forced human beings to stop everything wherever it is and be confined to one’s home. The worst affected are the developing countries and the man who works to earn his bread from sunrise to sunset.

What Needs to be done?

Though the Govt is taking various measures that don’t seem enough in the present scenario. We need to arrange more vaccines and infrastructure to stop the situation from worsening. If the situation prolongs, we will be heading towards economic crises and the loss of many lives. The Third wave is soon going to hit and is a frightening phase for India where there are many questions in front of us. It is hard to see people lose their life battle due to a lack of oxygen cylinders and hospital beds.

Respect what is given to us. All which is affected is us, nature will continue, it is eternal. We need to understand that we should stop playing with nature, and appreciate what precious gift we possess. The world is a beautiful place to live in, so let it be. …..Make the world a better place for you and me and generations to come.


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