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A lost story of Sambhaji Bhosale

Sambhaji Bhosale
Apricus, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Shivaji Bhosle, also referred to as Chatrapati Shivaji is one of the great Indian rulers who is remembered for his immense bravery. The Maratha tiger has made his presence felt even after 341 long years of his death. At the mere age of 16, he decided to protect Hindus and made Hindu freedom(Swaraj) his top priority. He took this to priority and followed this to his death on 3rd April 1680.

Nevertheless, his elder son, Sambhaji Bhosle (संभाजी भोसले; 14 May 1657 – 11 March 1689) took to his path and ended up in brutal death.
Sambhaji Bhosle, a jewel lost in pages of history possessed his father’s military skills and determination. Sambhaji was born to Sai bai, Shivaji Bhosale’s first wife. He lost his mother at age of 2 and was raised by his paternal grandmother Jijabai. At the early age of 9, Sambhaji became a prominent part of battles against Mughals. The Maratha of India, a true योद्धा merely ruled 9-10 years followed by his brutal death at hands of Aurangzeb.

Kept the Maratha legacy alive

After his father’s death, Sambhaji Bhosale chose to live up to his father’s principles. Instead of joining hands with Mughals, he chose to sacrifice and hugged the hard-hearted death. He faced various challenges bravely and chose to fight against Mughals in the north, the Siddis, Mysore, and the Portuguese in Goa.

We haven’t seen a genius like Sambhaji. Not only did he gave a tough fight but was scholastic beyond words. The bright ruler mastered 13 languages at the tender age of 13. But, a great warrior and Sanskrit scholar who followed his father’s teachings had to face betrayal from his own family. The lionheart could not win against his fate. The warrior fought 210 battles against the Mughals and did not lose even a single battle. In spite of his great efforts, Aurangzeb could not conquer any of the Maratha forts. Sambhaji fought for 8 long years, defeating Aurangzeb every time. Fed up by the warrior, Aurangzeb took the pledge not to wear kimonsh on his head till he catches the undefeated ruler.

Not anyone but fell into a conspiracy of own family

It’s known for ages that greed does not understand relationships. Sambhaji had to undergo many deaths before he died. The story of Sambhaji’s torturous journey will bring you to tears. The struggle of the great ruler is sure to leave you with goosebumps. Conspired by his brother-in-law, Ganoji , Sambhaji Bhosale fell prey to Mughals. Furthermore, Ganoji , guided the route to the Mughal army commander to catch Sambhaji.

Atrocities hard to put in words

The worst was yet to be seen. The extreme to which he was dishonored has not been seen in history. Tied in chains, he was presented in a court of Aurangzeb ‘Alamgir’. He was dressed as a clown and left to be mocked up by the crowd. The atrocities suffered by him are hard to put in words.

Furthermore, he was asked to hand his forts and convert to Islam to which he refused and instead asked the hand of Aurangzeb’s daughter in return which led to his miserable death.
The night before his death was gruesome which saw immense torture being carried on Sambhaji’s body and soul. Eyes were gored with iron spikes, tongue cut from the root, pulling the fingernails and removing the skin.


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