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Controversies and Nusrat Jahan!

Sou Boyy, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The controversial queen Nusrat jahan

The sensational beauty came to the limelight when she stepped into Indian politics. We were astonished seeing a Muslim beauty clad in a traditional saree, wearing a sindoor, singing Vande Mataram, and touching the speaker’s feet. She drew innumerable eyeballs on the day of her oath-taking ceremony. The irony is the marriage for which she delayed her oath-taking ceremony by one day seems to have caught trouble.
The sizzling beauty who works in Bengali cinema joined Indian politics in 2019. TMC Lok Sabha Member Nusrat Jahan has recently surprised everyone by her statement that her marriage is illegal. She stated that marriage with Nikhil Jain was as per Turkish law, which has no relevance as per Indian law.
It is not new that the controversial queen is gabbing headlines but has a history of being in the spotlight.

Stunning fairytale wedding or no wedding!

Also referred to as a white wedding, the wedding was quite in talk for pomp and show affair. The destination wedding in Bodrum, Turkey has been quite in news for its splendid display. She came into the eye of Muslim clerics when she changed her name from Nusrat Jahan to Ruhi Jain post marriage. She was issued a fatwa regarding the same.
The marriage is again in the news these days after the Bengali actress gave a shocking statement that it was not a marriage, rather a live-in relationship as it is not per Indian law. Jahan, who is reportedly dating actor-assembly poll candidate Yash Dasgupta claimed that the separation happened long back. The actress also claimed that Nikhil Jain has used her bank accounts, and his family member is holding back her jewelry. After revealing that the marriage is invalid, the actress took to social media and deleted all the pics of Nikhil Jain from Instagram.

Been in the spotlight ever since

Being in controversy is nothing new for Nusrat Jahan. From wearing western clothes on the first day of parliament to safeguarding the rape accused Kadar khan in 2012 who was once her boyfriend, she has always hit the headlines.
It seems that controversies in Nusrat Jahan’s life are not ceasing as of now, especially the marriage which is news these days.

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