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5 proven SEO tactics to improve rankings

SEO takes longer to get the outputs. The critical and elementary digital marketing technique requires a lot of patience. Visibility on the web through SEO doesn’t come instantly but requires a long time. With billions of searches across the internet the acquisition of higher ranking is not an easy process. Here is where SEO tactics come into play. Let’s learn about 5 proven SEO tactics to improve rankings.

Make the base strong

For the rankings to work for you, it is essential to start with your website before heading elsewhere. The loopholes in the website can be the prime reason which refraining the traffic on your website. Poorly designed websites lacking structure can ruin even the best SEO campaign. All the effort applied to gain traffic and rankings can drain away in mere no time. So, it is ideal to review your website and content and apply changes if required to attract visitors. Quality user experience will complement your SEO efforts. The strong engagement is likely to push your website up in rankings.

Resolve duplicate content issues

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Content present on multiple URLs can play s spoilsport in your rankings. Even if you deserve a higher ranking, The Search engine may end up allocating lower rankings to multiple pages, giving preference to other web pages. So duplicate content issues should be sorted out .

Speed Optimization

 Page Speed is a critical criterion in attracting and retaining customers. Google has made it an important ranking factor. It is essential to monitor both your Desktop and mobile page speed to acquire an eminent position in search engines. Coming from the user’s point of view, we would exit a website that is taking longer to load. Speed can create the first and last impression on a visitor. The higher loading speed can turn a visitor into a prospective customer while the opposite can cause to loose a prospective customer. 

The key SEO tactics can be a top savior for the website causing it to crawl faster and becoming a hot spot destination for the visitors.

Work on broken links 

Earning inbound and outbound links have a salient impact on your rankings. Authority links can push up your rankings in search engines whereas a bad or broken link can hurt your rankings. 

Spotting 404 errors and fixing them is important here to prevent you from losing your rankings. 

On-Page SEO optimization

If done right it has a lot to do with attracting organic traffic. Pay attention to high-quality content on the website as well as optimizing HTML source code. To get noticed by Google, it is best to tell Google what are your pages all about. You can use Schema Markup, the preferred format by google which lets us google what the data means rather than what it says. In this way, you will help search engines return attention-grabbing rich results, improving your ranking in search engines.

Next, working with headings, titles, Meta tags, image optimization is equally important from an SEO point of view. Especially improper usage of H1 can keep you away from rankings and traffic. Likewise, title tags should be unique and relevant to the subject matter. Furthermore using catching headlines will further help in your content working better on search engines. 

Final Thoughts

Winning a top-notch position in SEO takes time. The blog lists the top 5 tactics that can help you with improving your search engine rankings.


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