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Python, Web Development and Digital Marketing | popular among students

The world is overflowing with technologies where technologies are creeping into day-to-day lives. In the Tech world, Python, Web Development, and digital marketing are topping the charts and have become a top craze among students. These areas have an outspread scope and offer immense opportunities to land lucrative careers. The increasing number of students applying for an internship in these fields and opting for training to advance their profession shows the wide acceptability of these technologies.

Python, the no #1 programming language has grabbed the crown and has found profound interest in the generation to learn the language. The past 5 years have witnessed it occupy no #1 coding language crown. Furthermore, the language has dynamic semantics and easy syntax which has made it a top choice among developers. The software world is all ready for revolution and buzzing technologies like AI, ML is getting ahead to take over the world.

Why is Python so loved?

Nevertheless, the changing world demands effective and high-powered technologies to stay ahead. Python is gaining the limelight and has become the preferred choice of data scientists across the world. The language excels in various areas which are much needed in today’s world. From Machine Language to Artificial intelligence and web development the language has everything that makes it a favorite chick. The incredible tools and features the language possesses make it a top choice. Nearly 44% of respondents are using the language across the world owing to the remarking features and tools it entails.

Getting skilled in Phyton, R and SQL are offering appreciable opportunities in employment. Python is widely used in Data science followed by web development and machine learning. Machine learning, cloud computing, and Big data are the hottest trends that are ruling the software market right now. Python is the hot choice among students and developers that enable transforming processes for widespread support for these trends. And, it is playing a great role in ML projects for it has hundreds of python libraries such as TensorFlow for neural networks and OpenCV for computer vision, etc to simply ML workflows.

Web DevelopmentCourses taking the edge

Around 22 % of students are focused on learning web development. Web development is a prominent area that has gained prime attention across the years. The website is the first thing that gets noticed before you opt for buying products and services. The inclination towards web development is due to the bright future scope it has to offer. The web-filled world offers lucrative opportunities to enhance your career if you possess the required skills. Some of the top languages that you can master to advance your career are

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JAVA
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • .NET

Digital Marketinggiving brand a new outlook

Digital Marketing is yet another area that is gaining popularity and immense visibility. The extensive scope has prompted people to pursue internships and training in their respective realms. Online Marketing has come a long way. More and more businesses are getting into the race of digital marketing. Also, brands have started understanding the value of digital marketing in building their brand image. With millions of internet users, digital marketing is on the high rise. Representation of brand and building brand image is the basis of winning the internet race. Moreover, the area has a gigantic scope with Digital marketing all over.

The market is booming with digital marketing and content writing jobs. There are more than 1 Lakh jobs in content writing which can help acknowledge the role of content in online marketing. Not only Businesses have understood the role of digital and content marketing in promoting and selling products and services but are also Leveraging online marketing tactics. The tactics like social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing can help the brands attain visibility and grow.


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