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Rising Ransomware threats in COVID 19 time

Around 57% of companies in 2020 experienced downtime. Ransomware was the prime reason that resulted in the suffering of the companies. There was an immense data loss, causing companies to suffer a huge setback.

Reason for such a situation to occur

The COVID 19 situation has caused people to be locked in their premises. They were no other option left, and everything was working from home. Despite companies employing the solutions for the same, nothing worked. Investing in cybersecurity solutions does not signify success itself. Unable to implement the right solutions the right way due to lack of awareness among IT professionals cause such situation to arise.

The reasons behind more attacks and increasing forehead frowns are due to less safe home networks. Where everything was working from home, the chances of vulnerability also increased two-folds. There have also been cases where companies have to even resort to paying hefty amounts to prevent loss of data. Despite backups, there have been cases when the companies were total fail to restore data in the hour of need.

The major cause of suffering was inexperienced IT professionals who were unable to perform the job the right way. Series of ransomware attacks have hit the companies in past as well. And, to surprise, India is vulnerable to more attacks as compared to any other company. Where a specific company in the world is subjected to attack once a day, an Indian company may experience it twice a day.

How are these attacks projected?

The luring COVID 19 mails made the attacks possible during the time. The usual lures include:

  • Details about COVID 19 vaccines, masks, hand sanitizers.
  • Free downloads of apps that let you know COVID 19 symptoms and other information.
  • Technology solutions like audio and video conferencing.
  • Financial assistance because of the economic shutdown.
  • Critical updates of social media applications and enterprise collaborative solutions.

Challenges that need immediate attention to prevent ransomware attacks 

During this pandemic, the organization has the following challenges to address. 

  • Attackers are taking leverage of the COVID 19 situation to help ransomware spread its wings.
  • As most companies are allowing work from home, so organizations need to adopt more preventive controls to cater to flexible working conditions. 
  • During the lockdown, the security team has immense work to do with having to handle security incidents at unfamiliar times. 

What can we do to lessen the Ransomware attacks?

The rise of ransomware attacks has enabled us to be more cautious. Below steps need to be taken care of to lessen the risks of ransomware attacks

  • Regular backup. Make it a practice to do regular full system, server backups. Make sure that the backups are valid.
  • Be careful about Email Phishing scams. Avoid opening untrusted email attachments.
  • Use Microsoft Advanced Threat Protections. Make sure to block uncategorized websites. Also, do not open unverified links.
  • Beware of untrusted sources. If you receive an email, text, or call to share your details, never do that.
  • Curb on your tendency to use unfamiliar USBs. Ransomware might infect the USBs with ransomware and leave it for you to fall into a trap.
  • High need of educating employees about how to use security software. Furthermore, the know-how of updating is essential.
  • The distinction of the use of personal and co-operate devices. Refrain from using personal devices for co-operate work.

Companies have all eyes set on concrete solutions

Companies around the world are looking into more concrete solutions and undergoing digital transformation to strengthen their security systems. Also, implementing security across multiple levels is better off than considering one-level security. Cybersecurity is a prime concern that needs attention, especially during COVID 19 times. So, we need to pause and think about what steps we can take for safety from Ransomeware attacks. Remote working no doubt has various challenges to handle.

The backing of data is the first step that we can take. If one faces a ransomware attack, a copy of data is readily available. Automatic cloud back services are the best way to ensure regular backup of data. The second, training of staff to use security software and updating it is equally vital to protect data besides other security precautions mentioned in the blog. 


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