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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

AI technology is transforming digital marketing and has gained immense popularity in recent times. The role of AI in digital Marketing is immense.AI can increase the level of productivity by understanding human behavior and speeds up diverse marketing tasks, leading to increased conversions. Training machines to perform automated tasks is proving to be a boon over nonintelligent solutions. Opting for this complex technology can pave the way for streamlining the process and excluding human intervention.

Quick takeaways

Personalized content

With Artificial Intelligence you can personalize content. Machines can get insights about spending patterns, interests, and record them to further display the content as per their preferences. The customized content can increase conversions and maximize ROI. When you are all set to shop in an online store, you may notice the suggestions. The power-packed AI showcases the relevant results based on previous spending and interests. The intelligent algorithm can collect data like your location, demographics, interests, and display content and offers. 

AI-enabled advertising 

If you have limited resources and are struggling to gain visibility, AI tools can come to your rescue.AI marketing tools are all set to change the game of digital marketing. AI marketing tools have immense capabilities to save a lot of time and money. The size of the company does not matter. There are a couple of AI tools that you can use to gain competitive prominence. According to a report, more than 50% of industry giants and startups have taken leverage of SEO-based AI intelligent tools to increase their traffic, conversions, and outrank position in search engines.

Automating tasks

Using Google cloud AI to create one’s chatbot can help you automate the customer service, without hiring people to do the same tasks for you. The best part is you can pre-train these digital intelligent assistants to answer people’s quick questions. Furthermore, their availability in real-time ie day or night makes them an ideal choice to opt for by businesses.

Email automation is yet another strategy that we can use to drive engagements. AI can help you decide what all images and content can be effective in creating welcome emails, order retention, or order update emails. Also, AI has several benefits in Email marketing like personalization, high conversion, data analysis, and automation. Dispensing on the past customer behavior, AI sets up automated campaigns that result in higher leads. AI can create content just like humans do and know what strategies to implement by studying past behaviors to gain Email subscribers. 

Personalization improves the chances of success. The studies show that personalization is more into causing actions than non-personalized emails

Enhancing AR/VR capabilities with AI

Though AR/VR are two different technologies but using them together can create an altogether unique experience. AR combines real-world objects with the physical world to enrich the user experience. Deep learning and AI can further enhance the user experience by building a strong brand identity and a loyal customer base. Furthermore, AI integrates deep learning and gives various suggestions and conclusions to facilitate a quality experience. With AI, you have got the option for research and understanding patterns to give a real-life experience for catching the attention of the audience. 

Dynamic Pricing

On the online store, you might have noticed the dynamic pricing. Thus the most sorted approach of AI to drive revenues. AI analysis buying trends and offers the most competitive price to the customer. Ai has perfect dynamic price solutions. For instance, by studying the buying trends, higher prices are displayed to buyers who are willing to pay more, and comparatively less price is showcased to users who are looking for discounts, etc. Likewise, price adjustments are possible to buy AI which researches spending habits to showcase prices. 

Amplifying Search

The way the user search has changed greatly. Users now prefer voice search, rather than typing to search for something. More than 60% of content users’ search is based on conversation. RankBrain, the google search algorithm using AI to get much more relevant search results. AI can help in interpreting voice searches to obtain relevant results.

Furthermore, if you are using text searches, integrating AI can depict spelling mistakes and suggest alternatives. 

Channels for promotion

There are diverse digital marketing channels for promoting your brand. But not all do not have to work fine. AI can find out the most suitable channels to foster your brand growth. AI eliminates the need for manually choosing channels but instead gives the best possible options for what and where will work best and enhance brand visibility and growth. Another important aspect that AI resolves is when to post. What time will be best for the post to publish? AI scheduling software can look into the best timing of posting to obtain maximum reach. Thus, solidifying the role of AI in Digital Marketing/

Final thoughts

AI is a revolution that has immense benefits. Automating the processes, personalization, knowing preferences, advanced search, getting to know the channels of promotion, a lot can be obtained through this next wave technology. Leveraging AI in mobile apps can kickstart your business to achieve new heights.

Get going with intelligent AI Apps! Role of AI in Digital marketing is just great.

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