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Lesser known facts about Golden Temple

Lesser known facts about Golden Temple

The beautiful temple located in heart of Amritsar is the most looked-up temple in the country. The fascinating history and ceiling of gold and precious stones grab the attention of tourists across the world. The religious pilgrimage site of Sikhs tells the story of Sikh dharma that is known for serving one and all. The gold and precious stones crafted in the ceiling grabs the much-needed tourist attraction.

The temple has a magnetic aura and solace leaves an everlasting imprint on mind and soul. The doors of the temple are open for everyone irrespective of caste, religion. The symbol of brotherhood has magnificent langar and open kitchen that serves delicious food to 100,000 devotees a day.

The Foundation stone is believed to be laid by Sufi saint Mian Mir of Lahore

As per some sources, it is believed that Guru Arjan invited famous Sufi saint Mian Mir of Lahore to lay the foundation stone of the holy abode, Golden temple in 1589. The very step proved that the divine land was opened to all religions and believes.

The continuous attacks on the temple even did not put the end to the reconstruction.
The auspicious temple had to undergo repeated attacks by Mughals. The temple was stormed 5 times after the death of 10th Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Despite being devasted several times, the temple was re-instituted with golden bliss. Sikh Ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh re-instated the divine temple with gold plating, after 200 years of its construction. As we go deep down history, it becomes much proved how the spiritual place, took back its glory.

Lord Buddha meditated at divine land

The divine place has an incredible history. The great saint Buddha once meditated at the holy site. The calmness and environment of the place, made lord Buddha meditate a great deal of time here. The manmade lake nested by dense forests made it all favorite for Lord Buddha to meditate and soak himself in the spiritual path. The temple symbolizes the importance of accepting each other and considering oneness for the welfare of people and abiding by god’s message.

Baba Deep Singh took his last breath here

When we open the pages of history, the sacrifices of Sikhs come to light. Sikhism is a religion that believes in equality and service to others. The 500 years old tradition teaches us to spread the message of love, oneness and follow Guru Sandesh to become warriors, beholding justice above all. 75 year old Baba Deep Singh fought till the last breath to save the dignity of the sacred temple.

Jahan Khan invaded Amritsar in 1757 and deface the purity of Sarovar. The great martyr created his army and fought gallantly at Taran Taran, 10 miles away from Amritsar. The fearless martyr took both at to breathe his last at the holy shrine, Golden temple. He fought fearlessly that forced the afghans to flee. His head fell in the golden complex while fighting against the afghans.

The architecture of the temple gives us the message to stay down to earth.

The architecture of the Golden temple is overwhelming with unconquered elegancy. It motivates architectures to adopt a style that is unique, simple, and follows the path of righteousness. Though the architecture was blown several times, the architects left no stone unturned to build the architecture that conquered the minds and souls. Also. the devotees contributed greatly to let the architecture emerge even better.
The temple has been re-instituted several times adding marble inlays and covering the upper floors of temples with 750 kilos of pure gold. People from all walks of life irrespective of them being poor or rich are given a warm welcome.

The beauty of the Golden temple is incomparable that spreads the message of being a true warrior and serving humanity. Soak yourself in the holy waters of beautiful Sarovar and give a chance to connect yourself with your inner self, distinguishing the right and wrongs in life.

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