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The Dwarka-the mysterious underwater city

The architecture wonders, rich culture, heritage, splendid beauty, divine peace, and tranquility define Gujarat. The fascinating land is gifted with beaches, temples, incredible history, hill resorts, and natural attractions that draw people from all corners and walks of life. The Alluring Gujrat Tour is for those who have a profound interest in history and archeology. One such city that arouses great interest is Dwarka- the sunken city. The city’s Dwarkish temple dedicated to Lord Krishna is believed to built around 2,500 years ago. The blissful place is believed to witness Lord Krishna, the ruler of Dwarka at that time. 

Dwarka an ancient lost city

 We could find the citation of the beautiful city in epic primal Mahabharata, Bhagwad Gita, and Vishnu Puran. The Krishna city sunk in the Arabian sea has become a famed archeological site. The underwater cameras, diving equipment are being used to explore the underwater city Dwarka and bring it back to life. The mysterious land of India has a lot of stories hidden and waiting for them to be unveiled. The research is being carried on for years but hasn’t gained light due to it being stopped time and again. The Krishna City Dwarka has many untold stories that are sunk with the city itself.

As per the historic epic, the city sunk due to the curse of Gandhari, Duryodhan’s mother. She could not take the death of her 100 sons and cursed Krishna that his kingdom and sons have to bear the same fate. There were battles among Yadav clans which led to the destruction of Dwarka city.

According to the archeological department, various oceanic conditions led to the city been submerged in water. The city was hit by Teusami that led the city to be part of the sea and referred to as the underwater city of Dwarka.

Beautiful city underwater resembles one in Mahabharata

It is not new for beautiful buildings, ships, and cities to leave their origin and be part of the sea world. Once such a lost city is Dwarka which now finds its place below the sea. In 1980, Dr. SR. Rao, headed the team of archeologists. He made a revelation about remains underneath the giant sea. There were pottery, burnt bricks, gold necklaces, a wall(560m visible from the shore itself), three-hole triangular stones. The anchors were similar to one found in older ports that suggested that Dwarka was once a port. Interestingly, the wall is alike to the one mentioned in Vyasa’s Mahabharat

Furthermore, Mahabharata, an epic defines the beauty of ancient Dwarka. The city housed 900,000 royal palaces, all of them assembled with crystal and silver and decorated with emeralds. Also, the magnificent city connected with roads, market places, temples, and assembly houses was one of its kind.

SR Rao a scientist, and archeologist was dedicated to the research of submerged structures of Bet Dwarka and Dwarka. Dwarka a “gateway ” resonates much with the discoveries. At the place Kushathali, Krishna urged the sea to move away and give 12 yogas for the establishment of land “Dwarka”. Krishna built the beautiful Dwarka that also has a reference in Mahabharata.

Dwarka a land of eternal bliss and beauty

The godly destinations like Bet Dwarka, Dwarkadish Temple, Nageshwar Jyotiling, and Rukmini temple are all set to establish a divine connection with God. If you are heading to the blissful destination “Dwarka” you are surely going to enlighten spirituality and collect memories that you would cherish for a lifetime.

The land of Lord Krishna has a lot of beautiful stories hidden. And, we should continue research work for the lost city that now settles down in the sea. 

Godly Dwarka- Give a chance to soak yourself in divine beauty!


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